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Want to order pizza…again? August 5, 2011

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Okay, this is something I struggle with EVERYDAY!  It’s dinner time and the family is asking, “What’s for dinner?”  This is definitely an area of Family Management that I need to work on.  I would be happy to eat out 3 meals a day however, my wallet and waistline would not be so happy…

While I am not a big fan of cooking, it is important to me that we all eat healthy meals and snacks. So, I have decided to make this a priority over the next 4 weeks.

So, what is the best way to plan and prepare meals?  Prepare ahead and freeze, recipe a day in the inbox, dinner swap??  With back to school quickly approaching, I thought now would be a good time to once and for all answer the question…”What’s for dinner?”

Join me for the next 4 weeks in exploring all the options and systems for winning the “What’s for Dinner” war.  If you have any suggestions, opinions, etc.  please let me know…


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