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Win the “What’s For Dinner?” War Cont’d… September 6, 2011

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Okay, so I told you in a prior post that menu planning is definitely an area I need to work on.  I am not a fan of cooking and I like the rest of the world am pressed for time.  So, I have searched and searched for the website that would be my easy button…and I have found it!

My rules or criteria were:

  • Free
  • Extremely user friendly
  • One stop source – did not want to have to use multiple websites
  • Makes my life EASIER!

We have a winner…Food On The Table

I LOVE this website….the benefits of joining as listed on their Facebook page:

  • Meal plan in minutes using sales from your local grocery store (my FAVORITE part)
  • Receive recommendations based on your family’s preferences
  • Choose from thousands of chef-selected easy dinner recipes
  • Print organized grocery list
  • Access exclusive giveaways and offers

I loved that you start at the beginning and just kept clicking next for the next step.  You do not have to search all over the site for what is next or for additional tools…you just go step by step from beginning to end….ahhhhh! finally, I will be able to answer the question….”What’s for dinner?”

Below are the other websites I researched…………………..

***Membership sites***

All Recipes

Love This!

  • Free Tools & Tips page that included lots of “how-to” articles such as, making the perfect scrambled eggs, how to peel garlic, etc.

Not so crazy about this!

  • You have to pay a membership fee to utilize all the tools.  Currently, it is $34.95 a year with an introductory price offer.

My Family Meal Planner

Looks like a great site…but menus must be purchased.  Here is what they offer with the purchase of a group of menus:

  • $20-$25 for 12 months worth of menus (menus are for 4 days per week)
  • All meals are SIMPLE and EASY and include a crock pot meal EVERY week!  I planned all the meals for you, I give you all the recipes you need and I give you your weekly grocery list!  I even have Preprinted Magnetic Grocery List Notepads!  All you have to do is tear off this weeks list, cross out what you already have, add any other items you may need and head to the store.

Dinner Planner

Membership is $14.95 for 3 months and each week you will receive:

  • New Weekly Family Meal Plans for 3 Months
  • Weekly Family Dinner Menu
  • 7 Family-Tested Dinner Recipes
  • Unique Color-Coded Grocery shopping list
  • All Dinner Side Dish Suggestions & Recipes
  • Weekly Dessert Recipe
  • 6 extra kid friendly meals with recipes
  • Family Menus using Common Ingredients

Menu Planning Central

Membership dues are $19.97 a month and include the following:

  • 4 Family Friendly Menus
  • 4 Healthy Menus
  • 4 Vegetarian Menus
  • 4 Frugal Menus
  • Make Custom Menus for 30 days
  • 13 weeks of Kid Approved Meals
  • Exclusive Library on Health, Saving Time and Saving Money
  • 30 Day Membership To the Menu Planning Club

List Plan It

Annual membership ranges from $20-$30 or approx. $7 per download without a membership:

  • Download a list for just about anything you can think of

***Resource website***

Fit Day

While this is not a menu planning site, it is definitely worth mentioning!  This site offers:

  • Completely Free online diet journal
  • Track your Foods, Exercises, Weight and Goals
  • View your Calories, Nutrition, Weight Loss and more

Iowa State University

Great site for getting you started and organized….

Love This!

  • Walks you step by step through the menu making process, with tips for every step.

Not so crazy about this!

  • No menu suggestions
  • No online tools

Meals Matter – Meal Planning Made Simple

Love This!

  • Offers a blog series, Eat, Play, Love: Raising Healthy Eaters blog series offers a realistic and sensible approach to eating for the whole family, while helping you build lifelong healthy eating habits for your children.
  • Shopping List function – You can even create separate shopping lists for different occasions which you can save for future use, i.e. holidays.
  • Seasonal meal suggestions

Not so crazy about this!

  • Still had to think to much!  🙂

Real Simple

Love This!

  • A month of dinners – Six basic recipes, 28 different meals.
  • Lots of tips on specific topics, i.e. organizing cookbooks/recipes, the easiest way to trim produce, etc.


Great resource site, especially if looking for specific information…but still not the answer to winning the dinner time war in the Clardy household!

Say Mmm

Love This!

  • Brief video explaining website’s tools
  • Mobile App

Not so crazy about this!

  • Made me think to much!

Monthly Meal Planner

Recipe suggestions for each day of the month.  Good resource if you are just looking for ideas or new recipes.

***Static Resource Articles*** – Meal and Menu Planning for Two Weeks

This is a static informational article that includes a menu planning worksheet and brief instructions on how to use the worksheet.

This is also a static informational article that includes tips on how to plan a meal using the food pyramid guidelines.

This is a static informational article that includes a menu planning worksheet and instructions on how to use the worksheet.

Hillbilly Housewife

Static informational article that walks the user through different types of menu planning.


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