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Make Your Home a Haven Week 2…Dance Like No One Is Watching October 13, 2011

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31 Day Fall Challenge Making Your Home A Haven

Women Living Well 31 Day Fall Challenge: Week #2

Last week we had a two-fold challenge, “light a candle and every time you see the glimmer of it pray for peace in your home“. I want to encourage you to keep your candles and prayers going. ~ Women Living Well

So I feel that Week 1 has been a huge success in our household!  I really feel like praying and focusing on our family really made a difference in my attitude.  If I found myself raising my voice or losing my patience with my girls, I would stop and ask myself…is this the best way to handle this?…what would be more effective?  I could also see the change in my attitude had a very positive effect on my girls’ attitude.  While I won’t say that it was all rainbows and kittens (I mean come on…two THREE year olds!)  it was by far the best week we have had in a long time!  Progress…I will take it!

So, this week’s challenge is two-fold also:

Play soft music everyday in your home. Choose music that the family enjoys.

Then, focus on using peaceful words and maintaining peaceful relationships. Role model gentleness with your words this week and while you’re add it have a little fun.  Since the music is going,  grab your husband or children and dance! ~ Women Living Well

Okay, so Week 2’s challenge was not quite as easy for me as Week 1’s challenge.  I am just not a music person.  I know that is strange but if I am in the car I listen to audio books or talk shows (love my Oprah channel!)  When I am exercising, I watch t.v.  I don’t dislike music, I just would rather listen to a book or show.  I won an iPod when they first came out, after it sat in the box untouched for 3 months….my husband claimed it for his own!   Now my husband and my girls LOVE music.  The girls are always singing and dancing.

So, thanks to satellite t.v. there is a channel for just about any type of music you want to hear.  So, instead of turning on Dora the Explorer or Food Network….we turned on soft music.  I did find it very calming first thing in the morning before the kids got up.  It was much nicer to wake up to calming music instead of listening to all the bad in the world on the morning news.  The kids did not take to the soft music very well….they wanted fast music so they could dance.

Tuesday after dinner, I turned the girls’ fast music on and got up and danced with them.  I thought my husband was going to lose it!  Not that I am boring no fun mom….but I have to admit….I have been a little “serious” lately.  When life gets overwhelming, it is easy to say….I don’t have time to play because I have a hundred things to do.  It felt really good to be silly with the girls.


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