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Making Your Home a Haven Week 3…Struggling With Discontent October 21, 2011

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Women Living Well 31 Day Fall Challenge: Week #3

How about you?  Do you ever struggle with being discontent?  And how does choosing contentment help with making your home a haven?

And you know what comes of choosing contentment? Peace.  Love.  Joy.  And those are certainly things that help to make a home a haven! ~ Women Living Well

This week’s challenge was choosing contentment, the two lines above really stood out to me.  My family has undergone quite a few changes over the last year and a half and 90% of it has been outside of our control.  Last May I decided to follow my dreams, I left my very successful corporate career so I could get my Master’s degree and start my own business.  I watched the news, I knew that the economy was in bad shape and jobs were hard to come by.  My mother in law repeatedly told me that I was crazy for leaving a good, secure job.  Maybe I was crazy but every time I looked at my girls I thought…I keep telling them to “dream big”…so shouldn’t I practice what I preach?  We were in very good shape financially or I would have never made this big leap into the unknown.  So, I did it…. May 21st was my last day at my corporate job.  I don’t do anything lightly…I had prayed and planned for a year before I actually made this decision.  I felt really good about the decision I (along with my husband) had made.  I was traveling 75% of my time with my job – which is not a good situation when you have two – two year olds at home.

For six blissful days I lived my dream…..I filled out the forms so I could start school in the fall; I researched how to start a small business, etc.  Then on the morning of May 28th, seven days after I left my very secure, well paying corporate job, my husband wakes me up to tell me he is being laid off.

I am sorry…can you repeat that.  It hit us like a ton of bricks out of no where.  His company was restructuring and he was the newest guy and it was happening.  How could this be….I had prayed and planned and prayed and planned.  Really….seven days after me leaving my job?  I was angry.  Sure we had enough money in the bank to get by for awhile (a blessing)….but now we don’t have insurance for our girls.  Forget my Master’s degree…forget my own business…forget my “big dreams.”

My husband was very lucky to find a job within two months.  I feel very blessed because I know that there are a lot of folks out of work for over a year.  However, this job paid about 20% less and required us to move.  We were also very blessed to sell our house within weeks of putting it on the market.  However, we took a huge loss and had to come to the table with a big check.  We love our new State.  However, the cost of living is 26% higher than our previous State. So while we have many blessings.  I struggle daily with our set-backs.  I had pepped myself up to DREAM BIG and to go after this BIG DREAM and now because of our current situation I am in holding mode on many things.  It is very hard for me to be content with our current situation.  I find myself complaining often and doing the whole “what if” series daily.  I know this wears my husband down.  He is working very hard and feels guilty because he feels like it is his fault. Obviously this is not conducive to making our home a haven.

This is the perfect challenge for me.


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