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How Much Money Can I Save By Planning Out All My Meals In Advance? August 1, 2012

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I took on meal planning about a year ago and did really well for several months but then I got off track and have yet to find my way back.  The main reason I did it last year was because meal time was always a source of stress for me…forgot to set the meat out to thaw, forgot to buy the meat in the first place, do I really want my kids eating SpaghettiO’s three nights in a row, etc. etc. etc.

I have never been known for my culinary skills and I really just don’t enjoy cooking but I do LOVE to eat and I really want to make sure I am providing healthy, quality meals for my family not to mention that food prices are crazy.  I swear they raise the price of red peppers every week!

For weeks now I have been saying I was going to sit down and get organized but kept putting it off but I have been inspired by this post from the blog Planner Perfect. Meal Planning Made Easy.

So, I am making myself accountable by writing this post….Must tackle meal planning! Must tackle meal planning! Must tackle meal planning!
My goal will be to post my meal plan for the week every Monday and I will be sure to share any tips and tricks I find along the way….

Sitting down and planning out my family’s meals for the week seems like such a no-brainer but for some reason I struggle with getting it done….I would love to hear what works for you guys, please comment below.



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