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An Organized Holiday Season…Is It Possible!! October 5, 2012

Like everybody else, it is shocking to me that Christmas is less than twelve weeks away!  How did that happen?  School was just letting out for the summer a couple of days ago…right?

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Today I spent one hour getting organized for the upcoming holiday season so to avoid last-minute chaos!  I spent the one hour getting supplies together to create my Holiday Prep Binder.



Holiday Prep Week 1:

To Do:

1.  Create a Holiday Binder

    • A one-inch binder (or larger)
    • Dividers
    • 2 pocket, 3 hole punched folders.  I like these…

Filexec 2-Pocket Folder, 3-Hole Punched, Assorted (Pack of 12) (50122-3199)


2.  Determine Binder Sections

*Calendars – i.e. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc.

*Holiday Events & Activities

*Volunteer Activities & Service Projects

*Gift Ideas & Gift Closet List

*Holiday Card List

*Holiday Food & Drink/Menus

*Traditions & Memories

*Decorating Ideas



Week 1 Printable


How do you usually prepare for the holidays?  Do you do a lot of pre-planning or are you a wing-it kind of person?



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