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An Organized Holiday Season: Week 2 October 12, 2012

There are only 10 full weeks left until Christmas!  I started last week preparing for the holiday season by putting together a holiday binder.  This week I am preparing my gift list and budget (ugh).


Confession, I am a terrible gift giver.  I have really good intentions and I enjoy giving gifts.  I am just not very good at finding that “perfect” gift that will bring extreme joy to the receiver.  So, every year I put off buying gifts the whole season because I am sure that I will eventually come across that “perfect gift.  Problem is…I rarely do so I end up spending a ton of money on a not so meaningful gift.


However, there is this thing that is in my life that was not last holiday season and I believe that thing is the answer to my gift giving dilemmas!  That thing is Pinterest!  I have started pinning gift ideas and one pin in particular really has me excited, Turn Handwritten Recipes Into Tea Towels.  This is the sweetest idea and will be an awesome gift for all the adults in my family.


This year I will get ahead start on my gift list so that I do not end up blowing my budget completely.  If you would like to join me here are some great resources for creating a gift list and a holiday budget.

Master Gift List  Printable from Organized Christmas

Holiday Budget Printable from Organized Christmas

Christmas Gift List Printable from Household Management 101

Christmas Gift Planner Printable from iMom

Christmas List Budget Worksheet from Thrifty Fun

Christmas Shopping List Planner Budget from Home Ever After

Basic Planning Pages for Your Christmas Planner from Christmas Planner


And because Halloween is right around the corner, my girls and I will be getting our “You’ve Been Booed” bags together over the weekend.  We started this tradition last year and we had a lot of fun treating our neighbors.

I came across this super fun recipe at Organized Christmas and had to share….Pumpkin Poop will make a great “You’ve Been Booed” bag treat.

Pumpkin Poop gift tag


Have you ever been “Booed” or have you “Booed” your neighbors and friends before?  If you are not familiar with this Halloween activity 24/7 Momshas a great post on it, You’ve Been Booed – Begin The Tradition {Free Sign & Instructions}

An Organized Holiday Season: Week 1 



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