Organized With Clardy

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About July 27, 2011

I am the mother of 3 year old identical twin girls and have done the “corporate life” for the last ten years.  About six months ago, my husband and I moved our girls from Ohio to Virginia so my husband could accept his dream job.    While I loved my corporate job…I didn’t love the lack of flexibility that came with it.  So, when this opportunity presented itself to my husband I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to follow my dreams as well…

My mom swears I was born with a day-planner in my hand and my husband will drive 20 minutes out of our way to avoid driving by The Container Store and risk me wanting to “just stop for a minute.”  I have always had a knack for time management and organization and often found myself giving others advice on how to unclutter their desk, in-boxes, closets, schedules, etc.

However, everything changed when we brought our girls home from the hospital, not only were we seriously lacking in sleep…. but all of a sudden our neat and tidy house turned into a three ring circus!  Our kitchen was taken over by bottles, the living room by toys…the laundry room…oh my the laundry room…

Eight weeks after the girls came home I went back to work.  You know I had heard women talking about how hard it is to find enough hours in the day to get everything done but you don’t fully understand and appreciate until you are trying to balance two newborns, work (with extensive travel), friends, family, house, community, church, etc. etc. etc.  All my thoughts and beliefs on time management and organization were out the door!  I was exhausted!

So, you ask how did I go from completely exhausted to where I am today a Certified Family Manager and Professional Organizer…Here is my story…

That defining moment came while I was attending my husband’s company Christmas party.  I was amazed that when talking to a new group of women how quickly our conversation came around to “How do you get it all done?”   The reason I was amazed was because this conversation seemed to pop up everywhere; at my work functions, in line at the grocery store, with my best friends, with myself at 2 A.M. when I wake up in a panic thinking about all the things that had to be done the next day!  At that time, I was juggling a corporate job that required extensive travel, one year old identical twins, a house, community and church activities, etc. etc. etc.  I was absolutely struggling to get it ALL done, forget about having fun and achieving goals & dreams…I was too busy surviving! After having this conversation with other women many, many times, it was comforting to know it wasn’t just me struggling to get it all done it was all women….those that work inside and outside of the home.  So, Organized With Clardy was born out of a need.  I have since made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to helping women not just survive but to succeed in getting it ALL done.

I have immersed myself in absolutely everything that has to do with getting organized so I could add hours to my day so I could get it ALL done.  Here is what I learned….you can get it ALL done.  However, let me clarify what ALL really is.  ALL is what you define as a priority and goal…it is not what ALL everyone else thinks you should be doing.  So, the first step in getting it ALL done is clarifying what ALL means to you and your family.

My main goal in starting this blog is to be a resource for moms everywhere so we can all achieve our dreams and goals…


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